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Puppy Culture 

All Our Puppies get to experience Puppy culture! 

Puppy Culture is a training program to help acclimate puppies to their new world. From whelping box to new home. We start Utilizing the curriculum day 3 all the way up until you take your new furry friend home! 

Balance Board

To help puppies learn to cope with moving or uneven surfaces we allow and encourage them to play on a balance platform. This helps to prevent stress and anxiety when walking or riding in the car.

Crinkle Tube 

We use a crinkle tube as one of the puppies toys to get them used to unexpected noises while playing or even just out for as walk. Once used to the sounds they enjoy rushing though it to make it rustle! 

Kennel Training 

All of our pups go home Kennel trained! It's not just convenient for transport, but safer too! They see their kennel as a safe place and will usually sleep in it for 8 hours. 

We start general house training and recall. All puppies are pee-pad trained, and will come to a generic call. Keep in mind at 8 weeks they will not be fully house trained. We also send all puppies home with a copy of the puppy bible to help continue the training we started.

House Training

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